Secret Halloween Episode

Jeremy McDonald and Zach Ward(AKA Dracula) get Spooky With It for the 2010 Halloween Episode of the Super Secret Comedy podcast. Hear about costumes, Chapel Hill Traditions (Homegrown Halloween SUCKS! /rant) leftover candy from 1987 (Mary Janes, Bit-O-Honey, Dum-Dums) and Zach discusses “Secret” candy sales and entrepreneurship as a middle school kid.

Enjoy. (mp3)

Golf Pro Jeremy McDonald

Jeremy McDonald yawns his way into the podcast while Zach Ward questions his golf pro status. They talk about golf, tee times, golf costumes, Dora the Explorer, nicknames for Woody, and a show with MISTER DIPLOMAT featuring Sacrificial Poets.

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Rap Battle for Baby McDonald

Jeremy McDonald and Zach Ward welcome Carrie McDonald back into the studio to do bits about verbal birth control and to Rap Battle to determine the NEAR or Distant future of the FUTURE Baby McDonald (OH YEAH! Carrie agreed to do the podcast if Jeremy agreed to do Muscle Pump, a class at the Gym — Not part of the Emmanuel series on Cinemax).

So, Here’s the deal: I’m not sure if our vote will be BINDING (INSERT conspiracy theory about midterm elections — YES! a midterm pregnancy joke), but podcast listeners, YOU must vote to help decide whether or not Carrie gives it up.

PLEASE post your comments on the Rap Battle below.

Best Comment (either for or against the Baby, Ohh, That sounds mean) will get a SPECIAL shout out in an upcoming podcast.

Enjoy. (mp3)

And then Rock the (Cradle) Vote!

Super Secret Back in the Studio

Jeremy McDonald and Zach Ward get back together for a short episode to grease the engine and reacquaint themselves with the Super Secret studio. From the delay in the intro, uhhh… You can tell it has been a while. They talk about ZW cheating Sauna Rules, Surf Shops, Foosball, SSX Tricky and the upcoming Carrie versus JMAC Rap Battle for a Baby.

Enjoy. (mp3)

Super Secret Y Laugh Comedy Fundraiser

Jeremy McDonald and Zach Ward drop the bits to promote the 9th Annual Y Laugh Comedy Fundraiser to benefit the Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA — Our Annual Dual Duel, PT SCARBOROUGH IS A MOVIE and the return of 24LIVE! our 24-Hour Marathon featuring Kit FitzSimons (DSI Witness News), Jeremy McDonald (MISTER DIPLOMAT), John Reitz (Improv SLAM), Tom Keller (Carolina’s Funniest Comic 2010), Katy Jack (Au Jus), John Loftin (CFC 2009), Ben Moser (ComedyWorx).


Pack your cooler with some Trail Mix, Red Bull, 5-hour Energy, Ball Jumblers and Clean Socks.

Help DSI help the YMCA send kids to Summer Camp. YES! AND!


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Quarter Life Back in the Studio

Jeremy McDonald and Zach Ward welcome Quarter Life Crisis Comedy back into the Super Secret Studio to talk about the process of working and joke collaboration on Tour. We also talk about BBQ and glow in the dark pee.


ONLY ONE MORE CHANCE to catch @QLCrisisTour at DSI Comedy TheaterFriday Sept 17th, 8PM!



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Super Secret Quarter Life Crisis

Jeremy McDonald and Zach Ward welcome the comics of the Quarter Life Crisis Comedy Tour (M Dickson, Bryson Turner, Jason Marcus & Lucas Molandes), comedians that have been featured on Comedy Central, MTV and the NC Comedy Arts Festival to the podcast to promote shows at DSI Comedy Theater. We talk about growing up while making immature jokes about accidental racism, Bryson’s nuts in your mouth, and briefly discussing Robin Williams, the Comedy Tour and Manifest Destiny.



THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2010Buy tickets
8PM Quarter-Life Crisis Comedy Tour ($10)
930PM DSI Standup Comedy ($10, FREE with QLC Comedy Tour)


FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2010Buy tickets
8PM Quarter-Life Crisis Comedy Tour ($10)
930PM PTSIAM and THE 708 ($10, $5 with QLC Comedy Tour)


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Super Secret Comedy Fashion

Jeremy McDonald and Zach Ward and Einstein Meets Elvis get back together to talk about Improv & Comedy Fashion, Malt Liquor, Balls, What Not to Wear on stage, Face-planting, girls in improv (or Not) and Jennifer Caldwell’s Hee Haw.


Enjoy. (mp3)

Jeremy BANNED from the Podcast

Zach Ward and Einstein Meets Elvis (your favorite improv team that TOURS!) get together to discuss reasons why Jeremy McDonald may no longer be allowed to podcast, A breathalyzer program for Time Out Chicken, Theatre 99, a quick callback to Golden Child with Eddie Murphy, small town Road Story highlights (Paradise PIE!) and what “vaccuming your rug” REALLY means.

Enjoy. (mp3)

Super Secret Baby Making

Jeremy McDonald and Zach Ward discuss Super Secret babies, gestation, discipline (Spanking? Really?), Marriage pacts, Battle raps, and the games we play to get what we want. Also diaphragms and how Immaculate Conception was no fun for Joseph.

Enjoy. (mp3)